Our Mission

Helping Women Gain Confidence With Money

Go Girl Finance is dedicated to empowering women and women entrepreneurs with financial guidance they won't find anywhere else. Whether it is expanding into management positions, starting their own businesses or investing in the stock market, women have made tremendous strides in the last few decades.

In fact, women now control over half of the private wealth in the United States and glass ceilings in many industries have been shattered. Despite these huge social leaps forward, women may be at a disadvantage when it comes to information about money including where and how to invest, obtain loans, where to find tools to help manage money, retirement planning and more. This is highlighted by many studies showing that women fall behind men when it comes to financial literacy tests. Go Girl Finance helps bridge this gap by providing the financial information and tools to help women make decisions about money with confidence.

About Our Founder

Born and raised in the UK, Suzy worked in advertising and public relations in London before moving to Los Angeles to follow her entrepreneurial dreams where she found success with multiple online businesses. While working with clients, employees, meeting deadlines for big projects seemed to come naturally for Suzy, she found a steep learning curve when it came to the financial aspects of running both her businesses and her family. Together with other women entrepreneurs, Suzy aims to unlock the huge base of knowledge that they have built up to give women confidence with all things related to money.

As our brand name indicates, we operate with a little bit of sass because we think that's just what women need when dealing with financial decisions. And with a nickname like 'Sassy Suzy-Q', our founder truly embodies the spirit of our brand. We want to help women take bold and clever steps to dealing with their finances to achieve their financial goals.

Join Our Movement

You can contribute to the success of Go Girl Finance and our mission to help women gain confidence with money. Whether you worked your way up the corporate ladder, started your own business, or have unique insight into personal decisions about money, we value what you can bring to the table. You can help by writing about your successes (and failures!) with money, or help organize local meet ups where women can share their own experiences on a personal level.

Meet our crew of makers

  • Suzy
    Co-Founder and CEO
  • Danielle
    Copywriting and Content
  • Jessica
    Copywriting and Contents
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